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With Krisp Productions you are ensured the collaborative efforts of a marketing and promotions expert and a seasoned and experienced film and television professional all wrapped into one. With a team like this, your project is guaranteed to deliver the best possible message to your end-user.

Spencer Blessman offers over 17 years experience in the production industry. Spencer has worked with HBO, Fox Television, CBS’ “As the World Turns”, and ABC. Spencer has also produced his own independent film “The Igloo”, and has worked on several high-scale production events in New York City such as the “Zeta-Jones/Douglas Wedding” and the “Sex in the City” season premiere party. Email Spencer at

Kristen Blessman has over 15 years in the marketing and public relations industry. Kristen is the former director of Advertising and Public Relations for a compilation of companies in New York City. In addition, Kristen has worked on promotions and media campaigns for the University of Denver, The 2005 US Women’s Open and several other local and national clients. Ms. Blessman also has intertwined sales with her media experience and knows what it takes to get a product or service sold and into the hands of your client. Email Kristen at

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